A great blog post from Seth Godin

When we find ourselves on the edge of a precipice, looking down at the depths of the chasm below, it’s easy to think that this time we went too far, that our plan is far too risky, that our product is way too bizarre, that our behavior is just too weird…

The funny thing about perspective is that most bystanders don’t see you standing on a precipice at all. They see someone doing something a little edgy, but by no means nuts.

Just about all commercial behavior is banal. Even in movies that deal with business people, the characters don’t dream nearly big enough about one’s ability to change the culture or the enterprise.

You’re far more likely to go not-far-enough than you are to go too far.

Internal monologue amplifies personal drama. To the outsider, neither exists. That’s why our ledge-walking rarely attracts a crowd. What’s in your head is real, no doubt about it, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can see the resistance you are battling (or care about it).

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I futz with things… interminably. That is my lame excuse for taking so long to update my website. My work morphs constantly and trying to “contain” it always seems overwhelming. But enough! This is my latest adventure with my URL. Consider it a work in progress… and any notions you might want to share about it will be really valuable.

My vision for this particular space is that it can become a reliable place to hang out with some very talented friends and colleagues. If you don’t already follow these folks (listed alphabetically) GO! I will harvest my favorites from each from time to time.

  • Peter Bregman CEO advisor, author, HBR contributor, leadership pundit, gifted story teller & world class human being.
  • Seth Godin I start each day with Seth; he scares the crap out of me because he’s prescient… always zeroing in on things that really matter (to me at least); if you haven’t read his books, shame on you; just go! (And yes, he is ALSO a world class human being).
  • Adam Grant Brilliant, youngest tenured faculty at Wharton, fabulous book called Give and Take, fearless insights and commentaries, & a world class human being.
  • Jonathan Haidt Business and ethics thinker and writer (start with ANY of his books); Marty Seligman said it best: “if you want to understand happiness, start with Haidt!” (Yup, ditto on the world class human thing!)
  • Dan Pink “The one stop shop for all things Pink,” if you are new to his work, just start reading. He is the quintessential Curator as both his site and mind clearly show.

As for me, I will be posting my own points of view on things as they emerge. Like tweeting, I believe one should not blog unless and until one has something of quality (like the guys above) to share on a regular basis. Watch this space for more.

If you have favorites you’d like to share I hunger for them. It seems to me we are all in this together “as one beggar trying to help another to find bread.”