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The best leaders have little in common, except for a compelling vision that other people want to connect to. It starts with a great idea, clear communication and a generous helping of courage. The best leaders are not solo acts.


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  • Is your life story coherent? What is energizing and nourishing? What is toxic? What must change?
  • Where is the fear in your organization? Does your culture embrace or run from criticism?
  • Do you have a road map, and the metrics that make sense? Are you and your team excited about it them?
  • What’s the quality and diversity of your global network?
  • Are you clear about the “what, where, and why;” do you let the team shape the “how” so you are free to explore/exploit new opportunities?
  • Do you have a safe harbor; a key relationship in which trust runs deep, privacy is maintained, where there are few boundaries, where possibilities can be explored, and where resilience can grow…available to you 24/7/365?
  • Only 50 percent of current senior appointments succeed. Are you providing customized onboarding and integration support people in new roles?
  • Do you understand that self-interest and caring for others are NOT mutually exclusive?


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  • Do you have the right board? What expertise gaps exist? Are they over-involved or under-involved? Are you partners or are you playing defense with them?
  • If you’re a Lead Director, how are you evaluating your CEO? How intimately do you know the capabilities of the potential successors to your top positions?
  • Leadership thought leader Peter Bregman points out “there’s an elephant in every board and management meeting.” Do you regularly call them out and deal with them?
  • Organizational cultures are human systems that prefer inertia, but can be stimulated to change. Which organizational sacred cows have outlived their value? Which values matter? Which old behaviors will render you irrelevant. What must change in your culture? How has your company’s story changed? How should the story be told?
  • A disruptive world requires regular re-teaming, new rules of engagement, conflict resolution, constant clarification of roles, and the ability to leverage differences and mitigate conflict. How skilled are your leaders in handling these critical tasks?
  • Almost everyone sits in management meetings wondering why they are there. Do your meetings matter?


  • Be the Best
  • Candor/Clarity
  • Courage
  • Flexibility/Agility
  • Imagination/Innovation
  • Integrity/Trust
  • Passion
  • Self-Awareness
  • Vision
  • Wisdom
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