The Tools

Handcrafted assessments custom-tailored for your unique organizational need.


  • Yourself in the context of 40 years of deep research and experience with global leaders
  • Your preferences, motivators, and behaviors when working in groups or on teams and how they may have changed over time
  • The current aspects of your personality as you see them and as others see them
  • How your leadership style(s) and traits have evolved (or not); synch with research findings of highly successful global leaders and understand which might contribute to either your success or derailment
  • Who the co-authors of your life story (your “truth”) are, and decide for yourself what direction that story should take from here
  • What got you HERE won’t take you THERE!



Every constituency has an agenda which conflicts with someone else’s. Can you calm the waters and convert the energy of conflict into learning, creativity and risk taking? The world will not be contained; its challenges must be worked through in real time. No one wins this tournament alone. How might I help?


My research on CEOs who transformed their lives and their organizations created this proprietary model, which illuminates a knowable, measurable, and adjustable life trajectory. It allows you to take stock of your life to date, while more confidently navigating the next steps in your journey. You will face each future life/career intersection with greater authenticity, coherence, clarity, and passion, resulting in a fresh, grounded sense of confidence and resilience.

mintz model
  • It starts with your personal & company story, goals & legacy
  • Wide ranging, proven approaches to organizational development
  • Customized, individualized, comprehensive assessments
  • Psychometric tools for individuals & teams
  • Handcrafted, customized 360 degree feedback
  • Challenged Assumptions
  • Alignment of Agendas
  • Team and Organizational Insight
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Optimized Organizational Roles
  • Join me and select colleagues in sharing some of the best thinking about optimal leaders and effective organizations.